Rideshare Hub Boston

How Boston.com if you have questions you know what a life it is nothing better than having a live person in front of you and getting those question on said it’s very frustrating going through the 24/7 help line the phone line it’s even more frustrating to go through the app and get generic answers I’m sure you are aware of that with going through that sir when it comes to shoes I go down to the hub Now if you have some general questions I’m available 365 if you have questions on Boston you know hurdles that you’re encountering problems that German counting by all means reach out to me I have my email and my text number beneath this video I’m excited to help you and go down a full activation deactivation problem they want to find out why they would be activated if you go down to the desk that you need to attend to keep a history of getting back in You know so that you can keep on driving it’s a frustrating stressful situation I’ve spoken to many people that have been deactivated and I’ve helped many people get the job back but it certainly isn’t fun being down for one day 2 days at 1 or 2 weeks sometimes until you get back into the next 65 all my details or if you thinking of signing up again you need that driver’s license registration documents document Through my referral system you will get the referral guarantee of the referral bonus you can just simply upload those for documents and information right through the app and save yourself a trip drive safe my friends

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